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Intellectual Property-Trademarks

Intellectual Property-Trademarks

Intellectual Property-Trademarks


We would like to inform you that all content listed in our website www.marionvouzas.com, in any form, including but not limited to texts, photographs, videos, logos, graphics, software, databases, audio and audiovisual excerpts, advertising spots, banners, slogans, newsletters, is the property of our business and is protected according to the provisions of Greek, EU and international law regarding intellectual and industrial property, as applicable, excluding any intellectual property of third parties, which our business legally uses. Presentation of any of the above in our website does not amount to implicit or explicit consent for their use by third parties.
Furthermore, the provisions of Greek Law No. 146/1974 on unfair trade practices are applicable to all titles, names, and distinctive features of our business and e-shop www.marionvouzas.com, whereas our registered trademarks are protected according to trademark law. Lastly, provisions regarding protection of digital databases are also applicable to the extent that the website exhibits characteristics of a database.
Direct or indirect, temporary or permanent recording, copying or reproduction of the aforementioned website content, and any other content protected by intellectual property law, in any form whatsoever, is expressly prohibited and subject to criminal penalties. Users shall not download the content of the current website and store it locally or in the cloud, and shall not translate or in any way modify or disseminate the content of this website in any manner, whether for free or for pecuniary gain. Any modification (including deformation, cropping, or other alteration) of the aforementioned content, as well as any breach of the creator’s intellectual property rights due to the manner in which his/her works are presented, is also prohibited.
With regard to the databases of our website, its visitors/users may not reproduce or convert them in any way, whether temporarily or permanently, in part or in full (by formatting, translation etc). Dissemination and publication of our website’s databases (or copies thereof) to the public (in their original form or following conversion) is also prohibited.
Lastly, the registration of our domain name (www.marionvouzas.com) by third parties is strictly prohibited, as our business has the exclusive right to its use.

Our website uses cookies in order to improve its function, by understanding how its visitors use it and making it safer and more user-friendly, streamlining the users’ online shopping experience and improving the services on offer. By accepting the cookies upon entering our website, you assist us in providing personalized content, which significantly improves your browsing experience. Cookies are small identification files (in text format), which are automatically installed on your device following your consent, without affecting its function and without accessing or collecting the files or software of your device. They collect non-personal information and data and save them on your device, so that the latter is recognized upon your next visit. Our website uses cookies in order to collect statistics that assist in your recognition via your browser, but under no circumstances is your identity revealed. In this manner, based on your own preferences, we can provide all of our services in a faster and more efficient manner. This includes the processing of your orders as well as provision of customer service. Specifically, we collect comparative statistics regarding your most recent visits to our website, the parts of it that have been viewed, your preferences with regard to display language and the products added to your shopping cart.
Cookies are only installed following your consent, which is provided (or can be restricted/denied/withdrawn) via your browser’s settings or other app/device settings. Please keep in mind that should you disable cookies, our website may not function properly. You may delete any and all cookies stored on your device at any time. Cookies may only be used for advertising purposes according to law.
We only use essential cookies, given that the information collected therein is necessary for the proper function of our website, the processing of your orders and our understanding of the manner in which our website is used, so that it may become safer and even more user-friendly.

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